School of Business Studies

Here you will find information on the organisation of your studies. In addition to the regular semester week schedules, the schedules for the block weeks, which take place once before the start and once during the semester, as well as the examination schedules are also deposited.

The timetables are subject to changes and valid after the first block week from 26 September 2022.

Block weeks
I. block week from 19.09. - 23.09.2022

Schedule of the I. block week for all degree programmes, subject to change, as of: 19.09.2022

II. block week from 14.11. - 18.11.2022

Schedule of the II. block week  for all degree programmes, subject to change, as of: 25.10.2022

Examination plans

Examination period

in the winter semester 2022/23: 16.01.2023 - 10.02.2023

Inspection of the examinations at the professors 19.09.2022 - 22.10.2022
Publication of examination offers until 28.10.2022
Examination registration by students online (free of charge) 29.10.2022 - 13.11.2022
Announcement of examination dates without room and time schedule 02.12.2022
Announcement of examination dates with time and room 21.12.2022
Possibility to withdraw examination registrations up to one day before examination

Note from Department II: examination registrations for students and special notes for this semester (German/English)

Study & Examination Regulations

The study and examination regulations provide information about your rights and obligations as a student. 

The framework examination regulations (Rahmenprüfungsordnung, RPO) stand above the examination regulations of the individual degree programmes.            
Thus, they are binding for all subject examination regulations of the degree programmes.

In the following table you will find all relevant subject-specific regulations classified by degree programmes of the School of Business Studies:

If you have any further questions (e.g. deadlines, registration/de-registration for examinations and theses), please contact the staff of your study office directly.


Anne-Cathleen Klein

Sachbearbeiterin Studienbüro


+49 3831 45 6637


123, Haus 1


Stefanie Jenß

Sachbearbeiterin Studienbüro


+49 3831 45 6530


122, Haus 1

Faculty council meetings in WS 2022/23
  • 13. 09. 2022 (online)
  • 04. 10. 2022
  • 08. 11. 2022 brought forward to 01.11.2022
  • 06. 12. 2022

The meetings are open to the public.

Time: 14:00
Room: 21/326 and/or via video conference