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Student Accommodation in Stralsund

You have successfully enrolled or applied to HOST? Then your search for accommodation needs to begin. Whether in student halls of residence, a shared flat or your first own flat, this decision has to be made by you and should be made according to your own desires and available funds. Stralsund offers exceptionally good conditions and is not affected by overly expensive rental prices and a highly competitive property market like in other study locations and cities.

As a campus university, HOST offers one of the most charming accommodation options: in a small village in Scandinavian look and feel, located on campus – just a few steps from the Mensa (Cafeteria) and the schools.

Living directly on campus

Living directly on campus

As a campus university, HOST offers one of the most charming living situations: In a small, Scandinavian-style village right on campus - just a few steps away from the canteen and the faculties.

Holzhausen - Live on Campus

The student village Holzhausen is located on the University’s campus. It is run by the Studierendenwerk (Student Services) Greifswald. Since winter semester 1995/96, 274 students have found perfect living conditions here, in fully furbished one and two-bed rooms.

You can request a room in the Holzhausen halls of residence on the website of the website of the  Studentenwerk Greifswald. The request must generally be sent to the Studierendenwerk.

Your Contacts at HOST are:
Susanne Redmann, accommodation queries
Ralf Klüber, caretaker of Holzhausen

Due to limited capacity and high demands, we would suggest you reserve a room with the Studierendenwerk as soon as you have decided you would like to study at HOST. To make a reservation you do not have to be enrolled or have received your Letter of Acceptance. This keeps your options open at the start of your studies.

Living in the Hanseatic city of Stralsund

Living in the Hanseatic city of Stralsund

Further modernised buildings are available as halls of residence in the historic city centre of Stralsund and in the immediate vicinity of the campus. There is sure to be the right one for you.

Living in Stralsund

Several other renovated buildings have been turned into student accommodation in Stralsund’s historic town center and right next to the campus.

€ 150 Welcome Payment from the Town of Stralsund

The Begrüßungsgeld (welcome payment) from the town authorities that amounts to € 150 is a good foundation for the start of the new chapter of your life that is studying. If you choose to register Stralsund as your main place of residence, you will receive the Begrüßungsgeld quickly and unbureaucratically.

Further information on applying for the Begrüßungsgeld and payment


What does it cost to study ...

Your study expenses are of course individual. However, our experienced student advisors have prepared a calculation for you so that you know roughly what to expect.

Your advantage: affordable semester fees and relatively cheap accommodation.

Student costs per month /
Semester fee for one semester (6 months)


  • First semester
    Including enrolment fee of € 20.00
  • From the second semester


  • Accommodation
  • Catering
  • Study materials
  • Mobility costs (Germany ticket)
  • Health insurance

Optional outputs

  • Clothing
  • Leisure/culture/sports
  • Telephone/broadcasting/
    Television licence fees
  • Miscellaneous
  • Internet on campus
  • Borrowing books


Amount per semester

  • 126,00 €

  • 106,00 €

Amount per month

  • 300,00 €
  • 200,00 €
  • 40,00 €
  • 49,00 €
  • 110,00 €

Amount per month

  • 50,00 €
  • 60,00 €
  • 31,00 €
  • 50,00 €
  • kostenlos
  • kostenlos
  • 840,00 €

Possible income ...

Child benefit (Not in every country.)
Here is an example from Germany.

Your parents are entitled to child benefit until their child reaches the age of 25. This means that parents receive 250 euros per child, regardless of the number of children they have. Many parents transfer the full amount to their children. A small amount, but one that is regularly credited to your student account!


As a student assistant (SHK) in various areas, you can earn between 10 and 15 hours per week. In addition to the salary, you will gain experience in the application of various research methods and knowledge of scientific publication opportunities - an advantage.

The university also cooperates with Nova Campus, and you can also find jobs outside HOST on the job exchange.