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Overview exams of all degree courses - summer term 2024

The publication of the examination offers at the beginning of the semester is a service provided by the examination board.

Please note that the latest examination lists for all degree courses will be published on 12 April 2024. Please look at:


Application and examinations follow a systematic procedure.

The different steps of the procedure as well as your tasks as an applicant are listed below:

  1. Preparation and justification of the application by applicant.
  2. Timely submission of applications as well as possibly needed certificates and documents by applicant to the Studienbüro.
  3. Documentation of the application by the Studienbüro and processing to the Examination Board.
  4. Review by Examination Board; possibly demanding further documents. 
  5. Decision of Examination Board.
  6. Information transfer by Examination Board and return of all documents to the Studienbüro.
  7. Documentationof result by Studienbüro.
  8. Notification of result by Studienbüro to the applicant.
Frequently asked questions

Answers to frequently asked questions:

Exam registration and log off

You have to register for all module examinations of the semester.
For the summer semester (SoSe) 2024 this is possible online between 13.04.- 28.04.2024 free of charge. 
Please register for all examinations in which you plan to participate (even if they are already taking place during the semester). Make sure to apply via your Online-Portal.

The withdrawal from exams is possible online one day before the exam takes place at the latest. For details please check the respective examination lists. 

Right to exam inspection

Within a prescribed period of time you can claim to search your exam results. 
For the exams written in winter semester 2024 this is possible for all kinds of examinations from 11 March - 12 April 2024 at the Hochschule Stralsund.

Please make sure to arrange a date for the inspection with the responsible lecturer in advance

When is necessary an attestation of a medical officer?

If you are unable to take a final examination attempt due to illness, you must provide proof of this by a public health officer. This is also necessary in the case of illness during the final thesis phase.

Please contact:

Fachdienst Gesundheit
Carl-Heydemann-Ring 67
18437 Stralsund

Can deadlines for theses (Bachelor-/Masters-Thesis) be prolonged?

Yes, in justified exceptions the submission deadline can be prolonged for four weeks. This only applies for reasons that were unknown as well as unforseeable at the time of application for the thesis.

Invalid reasons for a deadline extension are exemplarily 

  • a little rate of return of questionnaires (possibility has to be considered in advance)
  • a dense scheduling by the students.

Valid reasons for a deadline extension can be for example

  • a system failure of a program necessary to do a programming task
  • your own illness (with attestation)
  • stroke of fate
  • cancellation of partners.

The informal request has to be justified and submitted by the student. In addition, the approval (signature) of the primary corrector is inevitable.

I have forgotten to apply for an examination yet I am doing the examination. Do I have the right to claim the mark of this examination automatically in the following semester?

No, generally it is prohibited to "put marks on ice“. You don’t have any claim and legal basis for such a procedure. You will have to apply for the examination again in the next semester and also to prepare/write the examination again.

The examination board ensures the compliance with the exams regulations in close cooperation with the departments Academic Affairs and Legal Affairs.

It provides suggestions for changing the study and exam regulations and timetables. Furthermore, the examination board is responsible for the general ability to study the degree courses.

All relevant applications need to be submitted to the Studienbüro (study office). The Studienbüro will process the application to the examination board who will evaluate and decide about it.


Prof. Dr. iur.
Christian Piroutek

Vorsitzender des Prüfungsausschusses der Fakultät für Wirtschaft, Professor für Wirtschaftsprivatrecht


+49 3831 45 6691


220, Haus 21

Other members


Prof. Dr. rer. oec. Ulrich Niehus
Prof. Dr. rer. oec. Ulrich Niehus
Prof. Dr. rer. oec. Ulrich Niehus

Prof. Dr. rer. oec.
Ulrich Niehus

Studiengangsleiter MUST (HOST)


+49 3831 45 6927


204, Haus 21

Prof. Dr.-Ing.
Jasminko Novak

Vice-Director of the IACS - Institute for Applied Computer Science, Head of CC Human-centered Intelligent Systems & Sustainability, Mitglied Forschungskommission der Hochschule, Leitung Lehreinheit Wirtschaftsinformatik


+49 3831 45 6608


325, Haus 21

Prof. Dr.
Volker Rundshagen

Mitglied des Prüfungsausschusses, Auslandsbeauftragter


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130, Haus 1

Prof. Dr. oec.
Marcus Scheibel

Studiengangsleiter BMS und INNO


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Academic staff

Steffi Schnierer

Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin, Mitglied des Prüfungsausschusses der Fakultät für Wirtschaft


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139, Haus 1

Student member

Carina Marxen