It is possible to obtain internet access via WLAN on the entire campus of the University of Applied Sciences. All services available via the university's internet, such as email, ILIAS and Lon-capa learning systems, library services and online services are thus available on the private end device. Printing is only possible via web or mail print, see "Printing with web and mailprint". 

The WLAN can be accessed in two ways

  • Unencrypted access to „HOST-Web“
    Very simple, unencrypted access. The first time you open a browser, you will be asked for your login data (university account).
  • Encrypted access to „eduroam“
    The university is a member of the eduroam network. In concrete terms, this means that with this access, free internet access is also possible at other institutions if they are members of the network. Almost all universities and many public institutions are members. A detailed description of how to set up the eduroam-WLAN can be found on the pages of the university's ZIK (Centre for Information and Communication).