For selected courses and projects, especially in the Business Informatics degree programme, the School of Business Studies provides pre-configured virtual machines.

The environment is already available in the PC labs in building 21.

Virtual machines may only be used for the purpose of training or for the assigned projects and are normally only available for the time of the course. There is no data backup and the machines are also deleted or recreated after each semester. 

Network shares can be accessed within the VM and thus own data can be backed up. In the VMs themselves, it should be noted that, for resource reasons, storage space is usually limited and a high disk fill level leads to performance losses.

To ensure even utilisation, virtual machines that are not in use are shut down time-controlled after disconnection and are only restarted when they are accessed again, which can take a few minutes depending on the software installed. Therefore, close your programmes at the end of work and save the open files.

External access to the system is possible in exceptional cases, but must be coordinated between the responsible professor and the technical staff of the faculty and is done via the server: "".