Generally, there are two accesses to the university network with which you can receive different services. You will receive both accounts with your enrolment documents.

  • Central university account
  • Faculty account

With these accounts you can use almost all public computers at the university, as well as the WLAN and other services.

University account
  • Consists of e-mail address and password.
  • Used for using the university e-mail, the Student Services machines, access to learning systems such as ILIAS and Lon-Capa.
  • The account is managed by the Centre for Information and Communication (ZIK). 
Faculty account
  • Login like university account (e-mail address). Alternatively, the short login is to be preferred when using the laboratories and the university printing service.
    • The composition of the short login:  
      • swvvnnnn
      • First 2 letters - identification of the faculty, 
        • sw=Student Economics, 
        • sm=Student Mechanical Engineering
        • se=Student Electrical Engineering/Computer Science
      • vv Next 2 letters are the first letters of the first name
      • nnnn Four more digits are filled with the first four letters of the surname.
      • Example: Nicolas Meier, student of the Faculty of Economics = swnimeie
  • Password is initially the same as the university account.
  • Used for access to all faculty computers (labs, lecture halls and seminar rooms), access to library computers, print service and virtual machines.
  • The IT Service of the Faculty of Business and Economics is responsible for the organisation.