The laboratories of the School of Business Studies comprise the following rooms:

  • PC Lab I (Room 314 - 15 workstations+lecturer's workstation).
  • PC Lab II (Room 315 - 16 workstations+lecturer's workstation)
  • PC Lab III (Room 316 - 22 workstations+lecturer's workstation)
  • PC Lab IV (Room 301 - 15 workstations+lecturer's workstation)
  • PC pool (room 302 - 20 workstations)
  • Special laboratory WINF (room 107 - varying number)

PC labs I - IV are equipped with dual monitors.

In all labs and student pools, the operating regulations of the PC labs are binding for all teachers and students.

To log in, please use your faculty account (short login name and password).

After logging in, the following drives are available:

  • Drive H: - private network drive for storing personal data. This drive is only available within the campus network.
  • Drive S: - shared drive for data exchange with various directories.
    • "\Lecturers" - Provision of lecturers' training materials.
    • "\Semester" - e.g. "\WS17-18" for data exchange with fellow students of your semester
    • "\Projects" - if you are a member of a special project group.

Access to files provided by lecturers is via courses in an LMS of the university (