General requirements

University entrants (1st semester) can only start their studies in winter semester (start 01 September). Applications for summer semester (start 01 March) are only possible for more advanced semesters (students changing degree programs or universities).

Higher Education Entrance Qualification

1. Higher Education Entrance Qualification

  • Secondary school leaving certificate (Abitur or equivalent) or
  • College leaving certificate from a technical college (Fachhochschulreife or equivalent)
  • Master’s certificate under the apprenticeship system (Meisterabschluss) or equivalent professional vocational training examination (further information available from the General Student Advice Office
  • Entrance examination (see ‘studying without Abitur’)

2. a) The bachelor’s program in International Management Studies in the Baltic Sea Region (BMS) requires a preliminary internship of 13 weeks that has to have been completed by the end of the fourth semester. It is recommended that the internship is completed at least 8 weeks prior to commencement of studies.

2. b) The following bachelor’s programs require a preliminary internship of 8 weeks that has to have been completed by the end of the fourth semester.

  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Motorsport Engineering
  • Production Management
  • Industrial Engineering
  • International Industrial Engineering

It is recommended that the preliminary internship is completed at least 4 weeks prior to commencement of studies. Information on the requirements can be found on the individual program pages. Our Online Job ExchangeOnline can help you find a suitable internship. Proof of your internships should not be submitted with your application, but at the start of your studies.
Corresponding professional qualifications or other corresponding experience can be credited. Employment contracts do not count as proof. The University does not provide internship contracts. Accident insurance is covered by the company where the internship is taking place via the relevant trade association.

Preliminary internships are not required for the following degree programs:
Business Administration, Business Information Systems, Electrical Engineering, Industrial Electrical Engineering, IT Security and Mobile Systems, Leisure and Tourism Management, Medical Information Management/ eHealth, Renewable Energies, Software Development and Media Informatics



You can register for admission-restricted bachelor course Leisure and Tourism Management until 20 August. and apply for admission-free courses by 30 September. You can find out which deadline applies to you here.


Winter Semester 2020/21

Bachelor course with admission restrictions

The application form for winter semester 2020/21 must have been received by post by the 20 August 2020 (preclusive time limit).
Leisure and Tourism Management

Bachelor courses with free admission
The application form for winter semester 2020/21 must have been received by post by the 30 September 2020.
International Management Studies in the Baltic Sea Region (BMS)
IT-Sicherheit und Mobile Systeme
Medizinisches Informationsmanagement/eHaelth
Motorsport Engineering
Regenerative Energien
Softwareentwicklung und Medieninformatik
Wirtschaftsingenieurwesen Elektrotechnik
Wirtschaftsingenieurwesen (Maschinenbau)
Wirtschaftsingenieurwesen, Internationaler Studiengang

Link to Online Application

Deadlines for foreign applicants: Incoming

Up-to-date information on the summer semester 2021 will be published in November 2020.

Application Documents


After your online application in the applicant portal, please send us further documents by post. You can find out exactly what these are here.

Application Documents

For bachelor’s programs without admission restrictions (no NC):

  • Signed Enrolment Request (Antrag auf Einschreibung) from the online application portal that includes a passport photo for your student ID card
  • Tabular CV
  • Certificates proving your higher education entrance qualification, certified copy
  • If applicable, certificates of successfully completed vocational qualification (examination and vocational college leaving certificate)
  • If applicable, proof of all universities that you have previously been enrolled at (current proof of marks/transcript of records including possible failed attempts and deregistration certificate)
  • Confirmation from your health insurance that you are insured and indicating your insurance policy number and the company number (Betriebsnummer) of the health insurance company or confirmation from a health insurance company that you are exempt to statutory health insurance for students (exemption certificate (Befreiungsschein) for students with private health insurance cover) 
  • Account statement or print-off from online-banking or self-service terminal at the bank that proves your payment of the Semesterbeitrag (Semester Fee) and the fee for first-time enrolment of a total of € 97.00 (if you were already enrolled at HOST, you only have to pay € 77.00) 
    Payment recipient: Hochschule Stralsund
    Name of bank: Sparkasse Vorpommern
    IBAN: DE16 1505 0500 0112 2350 93
    Reference: must be in the following form (there must be no text before the applicant number) your applicant number, your first name(s) surname
  • Copy of your national ID card or passport
  • Proof of employment (only for dual study programs)

For bachelor’s programs with admission restrictions (NC):

During the application deadline, please only submit the signed application form from the online application portal without any other documents by post. If you are accepted, you will receive a written notification of the documents that will then be required.


  1. Applications for an advanced subject semester: please submit your current list of marks/transcript of records including failed attempts of your current program of study
  2. Applicants for a second degree (who have already successfully completed a degree): please attach a statement of your reasons
  3. You have requested a case of hardship or compensation for disadvantages: please attach a request that can be made in any form and corresponding proof
  4. Applicants for Leisure and Tourism Management who claim to have a professional tourism-related qualification: please attach your certificate