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Here you will find information on the organisation of your studies. In addition to the plans for the regular semester, deviations from the plans during the start of the semester as well as examination plans are also stored here.
If you have any questions about scheduling hours or exams, you can contact the planner directly.

Friederike Thamm

Stunden-, Raum- und Prüfungsplanerin


+49 3831 45 6589


207, Haus 19


Please note:

Unfortunately, changes to the semester week schedules cannot always be avoided. Please therefore regularly check the latest status of the semester week schedules.

The lecture period starts on 19.09.2022. You can find more information here.

Room changes, additional lessons, etc. can be found under the link substitution plan.


Timetables winter semester 2022/23:

Stand: 08.11.2022
weekly timetables
Timetable lecturer
Substitution plan


Explanatory notes:

  • mb-normal -> regular lectures
  • mb-ungerade KWs bzw. mb-gerade KWs -> irregular courses in all odd or even calendar weeks
  • mb-KW x, y, z, ... -> irregular courses in the mentioned calendar weeks
  • The semester week schedules of the master's programs apply to the 1st and 2nd semesters.
  • Courses marked with (online) are held as online-live courses; the rooms listed in the semester schedule can be used for these courses.
  • Courses marked with "no substitution" ("keine Vertretung") will not take place.
Examination Plan



Examinations with a date of 13.01.2023 are examinations that take place by arrangement or labs that are counted as preliminary examination work. Please note this date when cancelling exams.

For examinees with more than 10 registered exams at the time of exam scheduling, it cannot be guaranteed that only one exam will take place per day. This does not affect regular exam dates.


Examination schedule MB with date, time and room_winter semester 2022-2023

Examination schedule for examiners in total with date, time and room_winter semester 2022-2023

Key_form of exam