Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Most professors of the department are active in research in addition to teaching. This means that you not only benefit from the latest findings, which are directly incorporated into your studies, but you also have the opportunity to apply your knowledge directly in practice. The department has defined the following research areas, in each of which a team works together in one subject area.

Main focus

Health telematics
Communication and network technology
Use of regenerative energy sources
Software Engineering and IT/Com Business Models
Consumer Electronics & Embedded Systems


Projects and institutes

There are three central research facilities at the university in which research is carried out in an institutionalised manner together with colleagues from other departments and industrial companies (e.g. Siemens):

Institute for Applied Computer Science (IACS)
IRES - Institut for Renewable Energy Systems
Institute for Broadband Technology

In addition, there are a number of so-called affiliated institutes with which the university has concluded a cooperation agreement:

Institute for Applied Computer Science e. V.
Institute for Energy and Environment e. V.
Steinbeis Transfer Center Image Processing and Medical Informatics
Steinbeis Transfer Center Project Planning and Evaluation of Networks



In addition to numerous industrial contacts of almost all professors of the department, there are a number of established cooperations with scientific institutions and industrial companies. Here is just a small selection:

MSDN Academic Alliance
Siemens AG
Institute for Low Temperature Plasma Physics Greifswald
Institute for Plasma Physics Greifswald
Greifswald Tumor Center
E.ON edis AG