Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Here you will find information about the organization of your studies. In addition to the plans for the regular semester, the plans for the block week and the examinations are also available here.

Examination Schedules

Examination period winter semester 2019/20: 13.01. - 07.02.2020


Exam dates

(subject to change, as of 13.12.2019)

Notes on the offer

In the tables different examination regulations are shown, which leads to
duplication of many tests. Often, but not always, these duplications are in the form of examinations
and examiner are identical. When you register, you will only be asked to take the tests of the
See examination regulations. Even students who are still looking for older than the ones shown here
exam regulations, will usually see the same offer. In case of deviations
In case of doubt, please contact the responsible study office.

Examinations of retired lecturers (incl. lecturers) will, if possible, only be held in
immediately following semester as the 1st repetition. Further repetitions must be offered at the
current teaching staff in the subject concerned.

Laboratory internships, experimental work, project work, presentations, etc. Examination papers may only be taken if the course in question is offered in this semester.  

Registrations for examinations of expired courses can only be made in writing in the
study office. Examination dates must be arranged personally with the lecturers concerned.

Block Week
Pre-block week
Current information

The Infoserver of the central room planning can also be used in test mode to display the current timetables.


The Infoserver of the central room planning can also be used in test mode to display the current timetables.
Orientation seminars for first-year students of the Bachelor's programmes will be held daily from the fourth unit onwards in the week from 23 to 27 September 2019. Therefore, regular lectures for these freshmen will only be offered in the first three units this week.

Faculty Council Meetings 2020

Winter semester 2020



Location: House 4/ Room 213

If you would like to attend the faculty council meeting as a guest, please contact Ms. Müller at sekretariat.eti@hochschule-stralsund.de.


22.09.2020 14:00

20.10.2020 14:00

17.11.2020 14:30 - The faculty council meeting takes place online.

08.12.2020 14:00

19.01.2021 14:00 (reserve date)