Program costs

for Tourism Development Studies (M.A.)

Current information - winter term 2023-2024 - real field trip


For the winter semester 2023-2024 we plan to hold our excursion in presence. Our destination will be ICELAND.
At the same time, we would like to present the following 3-step plan. This approach has been proven very successful in the past two years.

1. We will explore the fascinating destination ICELAND (14-22 October 2023)
At the same time, of course, we cannot guarantee 100% realisation in presence. On the one hand due to pandemic issues which may come up again, on the other hand due to general conditions, unforeseeable crises or a legal situation that is not yet foreseeable.  

2. If a real excursion is not possible, we will travel with you virtually.
You find an example of our 1st virtual excursion from the winter semester 2020-2021 here.

3. In order to keep all options open for you and us, we ask for the program costs at the current level for the application and your enrolment:

  • 2 semesters TDS: 1,850 EUR   
  • 3 or 4 semesters TDS: 2,100 EUR.

In any case:

Any money that we may not use will of course be reimbursed to you. And this applies regardless of whether we go on a "real" or "virtual" journey together.


The tourism master’s course contains components which incur costs. These components, such as:

  • domestic and international study trips
  • company visits
  • participation in conferences and fairs
  • social and intercultural events

are mandatory parts of the course.

Every year an academic excursion to a tourism destination takes place. In the past, groups of students went to: Sweden, Iceland, Dubai (United Arab Emirates), Muscat (Sultanate of Oman) Sri Lanka and e.g. Thailand. The decision where to travel depends on various different factors such as political situation within the country/region, country of origin of our students, visa issues or e.g. the geographic location (travel time). 
At the different destinations appointments with leading enterprises, universities and international organizations took place. Thus, linking of theory with practical experiences were provided, students gained hands-on experiences and sharpened their social and cultural Expertise, too.

During those field trips costs for travelling and flight, accommodation (and mostly breakfast) as well as other costs related to company visits will be paid out of the program costs.

2-semester program
Participants are requested to pay a lump sum of 1,850 EUR
Those costs has to be paid in full at the beginning of the master’s degree course (after having received our admission letter).

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3- and 4-semester program: 
Participants are requested to pay a lump sum of 2,100 EUR
It is not a must to pay the amount at once. Hence, 1,850 EUR has to be paid before enrolment (after having received our admission letter). The second instalment of 250,- EUR is payable by 1st January of the following year. 

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