Internship of the 4-semester master’s degree course Tourism Development Strategies (TDS)

Information sheet internship

The curriculum of this 4-semester degree course involves an internship, which will be accredited with 30 ECTS. This internship will be done during your third semester (winter semester) and has to last at least 21 weeks. It is expected that you complete the internship coherently in one company. The internship should be business-related in order for you to acquire management-relevant experiences. However, it is not obligatory to choose a company operating in the tourism field. It is crucial that you acquire the appropriate skills at Master's level in one of the three areas of Business Administration/ Management/ Tourism. For legal reasons it is recommended to use the prototype of a trainee contract provided by the Hochschule Stralsund.

We will be delighted to support your search for an internship and recommend you to actively use our online service for finding an appropriate internship. The Jobbörse-Online always provides latest offers companies have directly sent to the Hochschule Stralsund. An individualised search within the Jobbörse is possible screening the results for e.g. branch, region or currency.

On top of that, the Unternehmensdatenbank is a another option to get in contact with companies and find and internship.

We ask you to get in contact with Prof. Dr. Scherl before signing your trainee contract. 3 copies of the contract have to be handed in. In addition, you have to provide contact details about your contact person in the company as well as a short list of the activities you will perform during the internship. Your contract will be approved timely. In case of questions or in the rare case of problems during the internship, please contact your intern professor, Prof. Dr. Scherl, immediately.  

Fact sheet internship

Contact Person

• Representative TDS: Prof. Dr. Scherl 


• 3rd semester (winter semester): 21 weeks (coherently in one company)

Trainee contract

• checked and signed by Prof. Dr. Scherl
• submit three versions
English prototype(also available in German, French, Spanish)
in additon:
• details about your contact person at the company 
• short list of planned acitivities you perform during the internship

• report 10 pages submitted in paper version and signed by company 
• qualified reference about the internship (prepared by the company)

Content Report

• short introduction of the company/Institution and date of the internship
• Description of specific requirements during your internship

- concrete tasks/activities, e.g. work on/in a Project
- Application of existing competences
- Generation of new knowledge/new skills

• Extensive reflection and Evaluation, e.g. based on the following aspects

- Level of difficulty, complexity of requirements
- relationship between the application of acquired knowledge and newly gained practical  experienc
- insight into the professional field
- personal perspectives

• Development/application of social skills and personal maturity
• Notes for our University and TDS (contentwise) 


Prof. Dr.
Wolfgang G. Scherl

Leisure and Tourism Business, Praktikumsbeauftragter LTM/TDS


+49 3831 45 6820


138, Haus 1