Master Program Tourism Development Strategies

OUT into the world

"Excursions are the laboratories of the international tourism programs"

The philosophy of our master's program aims to constantly and sustainably link theory and practice. But a study trip does not just aim to improve subject knowledge and provide the opportunity to improve our students' networks, but also to expand the students' horizons, because students often come into contact with completely different cultures.

Constant interaction with approximately 20 students for a period of 10 days improves the participants' abilities to work in a team. Furthermore, communication, social competencies and of course individual personalities are strengthened.

Sustainable learning through own experiences - find out about our students' experiences on our most recent excursions:

Oktober 2023: Iceland
October 2022: Iceland
AIDAsol and Sweden winter term 2021-2022
Dubai and Oman, winter term 2020-2021
November/December 2019: Palma
January 2019: Oman
February 2018: Ecuador
March 2017: Thailand
March 2016: Vancouver, Canada
March 2015: Sri Lanka
May 2014: Sri Lanka
March 2013: Maskat, Oman
March 2012: Dubai, VAE & Muscat, Oman
October 2012: Milan, Italy
May 2011: Boston, USA
May 2010: Toronto & Montreal, Canada