Bachelor Program Leisure and Tourism Management

National and international excursions are a special feature of the Leisure and Tourism Management program. They are offered in addition to the compulsory period of stay abroad and are part of the study phase.

Excursions serve the exchange of ideas and chats with service providers in the leisure and tourism industry. You get to know practical tasks and problem areas in tourism and gain an insight into various corporate sectors, both national and international.

During the excursions you can gauge the possibilities for internships, thesis topics and jobs and get introduced to valuable contacts in the industry. The best bit is that you get to use the knowledge you have gained during your studies at first hand.

The excursions bind the three competencies that the program aims to convey in a unique way: subject, social and language skills. Every excursion is a unique experience!

2016: New York
2016: Hamburg
2015: Shanghai
2014: Sri Lanka
2014: Tyrol
2013: Oman
2012: Dubai & Oman
Workshop at Max Hünten Haus, Zingst (Germany)
Visiting the Bundestag, Berlin
Excursions between 2001 and 2018
2016 New York Hamburg  
2015 Shanghai    
2014 Sri Lanka Tyrol  
2013 Oman England Berlin
2012 Dubai/Oman Rugia  
2011 Boston Berlin  
2010 Montreal/Toronto Prora/Binz (Germany)  
2010 Helsinki/Tallinn/ Cyprus  
2009 New York Milan  
2009 Hamburg Musical Hamburg Medien  
2008 New York/Chicago Dubai/Oman  
2008 Kiel Rostock MV Airports
2007 New York India  
2007 Sylt Berlin  
2006 New York Scotland  
2006 Schwerin Kiel Frankfurt
2005 Spain Austria  
2005 Land Fleesensee Tropical Island Resort Rostock
2004 New York Hamburg Wolfsburg
2003 Italy Sweden  
2003 Hanse-Sail Rostock Hamburg  
2002 Sweden Paris Florida
2002 Bornholm AIDAvita Wolfsburg
2001 Norway Finland Bornholm
2001 Austria Mallorca