Training Abroad

Erasmus+ staff mobility (STT) provides training opportunities for non-teaching staff employed in a higher education institution.

Information from the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) on mobility for learners and staff can be found (in German) here.

Current Anouncements

Erasmus+ STT

→ Application deadline: 15.11. with start of the mobility in the 1. quarter of the calendar year

→ Application deadline: 15.02. with start of the mobility in the 2. quarter of the calendar year

→ Application deadline: 15.05. with start of the mobility in the 3. quarter of the calendar year

→ Application deadline: 15.08. with start of the mobility in the 4. quarter of the calendar year

In particularly justified exceptional cases, staff mobility can also be applied for a period of study outside of the specified deadlines.

Programmes and Information

Who can be sponsored?

Erasmus+ staff mobility for Training offers support for university staff from all areas, including but not limited to:

  • General & technical administration (e.g. examinations office)
  • University library
  • Subject areas
  • Faculties
  • Financial departments
  • International office
  • Public relations departments
  • Student advisory service
  • Degree program development and quality management
  • Continuing education in didactics for English language teaching
Advantages of Erasmus+ stay
  • stay on the basis of a coordinated training program
  • professional exchange and new perspectives
  • opportunity to strengthen your own skills
  • establish and expand professional networks
Formats of Training
  • Seminars and workshops e.g. International Staff Weeks of several days at European partner universities for different target groups and under specific topics such as human resources management, librarianship, intercultural competence in teaching or administration, employability. Here you will find an overview of current offers for International Staff Weeks.
  • Job shadowing (This format should only be targeted if there is a willingness to invite a representative of the partner university to HOST in return).
  • Study visits
  • Language courses
  • Participation in curricula development (lecturers)

Conference participation is not eligible for funding.

Mobility Grants

Financial support is based on the different costs of living in the program countries.

Flat-rate financing for stays

The following uniform daily rates apply for four country groups up to the 14th day of stay; from the 15th to the 60th day of stay, funding is 70 percent of the daily rates.

Project 2018-20:

  • Group 1: 180 euros per day for Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Norway, Sweden, United Kingdom
  • Group 2: 160 euros per day for Belgium, Germany (incomer), Greece, Iceland, Croatia, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain, Czech Republic, Turkey, Cyprus
  • Group 3: 140 Euro per day for Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Turkey

Travel costs

Travel costs are calculated depending on the distance between the origin and destination of the mobility. A uniform distance calculation tool is used for this purpose. The following amounts will be reimbursed, per stay and depending on the distance, for the 2018-20 project:

  • 10-99 km - 20 EUR
  • 100 km - 499 km with 180 Euro
  • 500 km - 1,999 km with 275 Euro
  • 2.000 km - 2.999 km with 360 Euro
  • 3.000 km - 3.999 km with 530 Euro
  • 4.000 km - 7.999 km with 820 Euro
  • 8.000 km and more with 1.500 Euro

If applicable, special allowances for university personnel with special needs

Funding Conditions
  • all university staff
  • Job-related continuing education and training (see funded further education and training formats) or conclusive motivation or demonstration of the relevance of the desired training programme for the applicant's own qualification and for the University
  • Within the framework of Erasmus+ staff mobility, a maximum of 25% language courses can be funded for further education and training purposes.
  • Duration from 2 days to 2 months, excluding travel time.
  • A maximum of one Erasmus+ staff mobility for training purposes can be funded per calendar year.
  • Invitation from the host institution (e-mail is sufficient).
  • Approval of the mobility by the supervisor(s)
  • Valid partnership agreement with the foreign higher education institution
  • Complete processing of all ERASMUS+ documents and online completion questionnaire
  • Availability of funds (approval by Erasmus+ University Coordination)
  • After completion of the further education and training, a short report/protocol on the course and results of the mobility must be submitted to the International Office (see form).

Please completely fill in the following application documents and upload them on our online application platform:

Please Note: The signature of the partner university in the original does not have to be submitted. A scanned copy, additionally signed by the applicant, can be submitted for signature by the ERASMUS+ University Coordination.

After reviewing all applications received, the selection decision of the ERASMUS+ university coordination will be communicated to the candidates by the outgoing coordination within 14 days.

Grants are awarded according to the fulfilment of the funding conditions of theavailable funds for the current ERASMUS+ programme year.

The ERASMUS+ University Coordination will issue a Grant Agreement and send it by email as well as the Confirmation of Stay  form.

The Grant Agreement must be printed out, signed and returned to the ERASMUS+ University Coordination for countersignature. As soon as all documents are complete, you will receive an advance payment of 80 percent of the approved ERASMUS+ grant within 30 days.

Important Information for the Organisation of the Mobility Phase

Certificate of Residence shortly before Return Journey

Let the duration of your stay get confirmed on the Letter of Confirmation (first/last working day - not including travel days). If the further training programme also takes place at the weekend, this must be confirmed on the document.

Insurance Cover

Please check your insurance coverage abroad. No insurance cover is related to an ERASMUS+ mobility grant.

Income Tax Return

As the costs for your further education and training are reimbursed on a flat-rate basis, these payments must be declared in your income tax return. Please keep all invoices/tickets etc. for your trip in order to be able to prove the expenses in your income tax return.

Car Use - No Liability for Damages

Please note that the University of Applied Sciences Stralsund does not accept any liability for damages when using cars (applies to private cars and rental cars).

No Ticket Bookings via HOST

Ticket and hotel bookings etc. cannot be made via the University of Applied Sciences Stralsund.

Billing of the Mobility Phase

The following documents must be submitted within 30 days after the completion of the mobility period:

  • Certificate of residence/ Letter of Confirmation (a scan submitted by e-mail to ERASMUS+ University Coordination is sufficient)
  • EU-Online-Survey/ Experience Report (you will receive a link for this by e-mail)
  • Original business trip application plus business trip expenses statement with all original receipts.

If all documents are complete, the final invoice for your mobility phase will be issued and the remaining amount will be paid, if applicable.

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