The allocation of study places – Numerus clausus

The following study programs have admission restrictions (NC) for winter semester 2021/22 and summer semester 2022:

Admission restrictions are enforced if there are more applicants for a study program than available study places. The NC procedure is a special selection procedure that is used to allocate the available study places fairly. The NC values are recalculated after every application procedure and do not constitute valid minimum grades that last for several semesters. They could change in the next application procedure.

Don’t be put off by the NC value! Firstly, when you apply you will not know what the values will actually be after the application procedure has been completed and secondly, there is also a succession procedure. Several prospective students for a study program apply to various universities and might therefore decline their allocated study place.

If there are still study places available after the succession procedure has been completed, a study place lottery (clearing) might also be used to allocate the remaining places. This could also be your ticket to success!

Bachelor's program Leisure and Tourism Management

The legal basis for the NC procedure has changed.

New criteria for the allocation of study places have been established nationwide. At the University of Applied Sciences Stralsund, the statutes for the local allocation procedure for the bachelor's degree program Leisure and Tourism Management will come into force in winter semester 2020/21.

Starting in the winter semester 2020/21, places will be awarded in three main quotas:

• according to the result of the university entrance qualification (Abitur best quota) (30 %)
• according to the result of a selection procedure (additional aptitude quota) (10 %)
• according to the result of a selection procedure to be carried out by the university (university selection procedure) (60 %).

Information on the individual main quotas and the associated selection procedures can be found in the Satzung für das Örtliche Vergabeverfahren an der Hochschule Stralsund für den Bachelorstudiengang Leisure and Tourism Management.

Further information for all restricted programs (in German)

Master's program Health economics

Selection procedure

After deduction of the preliminary quotas, 100% of the study places are awarded according to the overall grade of the first degree. If there is a tie in rank, priority will be given to those raising minor children. Otherwise, in the event of a tie in rank, the decision will be made by lot.

Applicants who do not yet have an overall grade will participate in the procedure with the provisional final grade. Applicants who cannot prove either the overall grade of their first degree or a provisional final grade will be ranked after the last applicant with an ascertainable overall grade/final grade.


Move-up procedure

If applicants do not accept the place they were promised in a main procedure, a move-up procedure will be carried out. The vacant study places are awarded to the applicants following on the ranking lists. There can also be more than one move-up procedure.

All applicants for this study program automatically take part in the move-up procedure. A separate application is not required. You can see your rank in the rejection notice and thus roughly estimate your chance of a study place despite rejection. If there are only a few applicants between your rank and that of the last applicant admitted, your chances are higher than if there are still many applicants ahead of you. However, it is not possible to give you any reliable information on the number of study places that still need to be filled before the start of your studies.

Lottery procedure

Only if some study places could not be allocated or have become free again after the completion of the move-up procedures, a lottery procedure will be carried out. There can also be several lottery procedures. As a rule, the lottery procedure is carried out shortly before the start of the study program for procedural reasons.

A separate informal application is required for participation. You can submit a lottery application even if you had not previously applied for this degree program. You can find out the application deadline from the student advisor. It will also be communicated in the rejection notice after the main procedure and published on the homepage.

If you have been drawn, you will be notified immediately. Please provide a telephone number and an e-mail address. This will enable you to be notified more quickly. Rejection notices will not be issued. If you have not received a notification by the start of your studies, you can assume that you were unfortunately not lucky in the lottery.