Institut for Renewable Energy Systems - IRES

Laboratory and Research

Alternative Energy Complex Laboratory - KAE

The institute's central research laboratory is the Alternative Energy Complex Laboratory (KAE), which was founded in 1995. The laboratory is used for internships in electrical engineering, renewable energies - electrical energy systems, mechanical engineering and industrial engineering.
It provides the technical basis for sophisticated research projects and student bachelor, master, diploma and PhD theses.

In the field of application-oriented research, there is the possibility of experimentally investigating stand-alone systems in the field of renewable energies. The focus here is on the use of bioenergy and the use of hydrogen in internal combustion engines, fuel cells and catalytic burners as well as its production by electrolysis. The existing database allows simulation calculations for energetic hydrogen applications.

The technical data of the systems and test benches of the complex laboratory:

  • Wind turbine
  • Electrolyser / hydrogen storage
  • Photovoltaic system
  • Fuel cells and test stands (PEM and SOFC)
  • Climate test cabinet
  • Experimental boiler for firewood / pellets
  • Briquette press
  • catalytic boiler
  • Natural gas-hydrogen mixed gas combined heat and power plant
  • Stirling engine
Wind-H2-Chain of the Stralsund University campus