General Students' Committee

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Our meetings now take place online via Discord!
As before, all students of Stralsund University of Applied Sciences are welcome to attend the meetings as guests!

When? Every Tuesday | 19:15 - during the lecture period

Where? On Discord:

Cinema Program for wintersemester 21/22

Date Time Movie  
13.09.2021 20:30 Uhr Rocketman  
20.09.2021 20:30 Uhr Unsere Erde 2  
27.09.2021 20:00 Uhr High School Musical [OV]  
27.09.2021 22:00 Uhr High School Musical 2 [OV]  
04.10.2021 20:30 Uhr Onward: keine halben Sachen  
11.10.2021 20:30 Uhr Le Mans 66 - Gegen jede Chance  
18.10.2021 20:30 Uhr Night Life  
25.10.2021 20:30 Uhr Zombieland 2: Doppelt hält besser  
08.11.2021 20:30 Uhr Der Fall Collini  
15.11.2021 20:30 Uhr Joker  
22.11.2021 20:30 Uhr High School Musical 3 [OV]  
29.11.2021 20:30 Uhr Tenet  
06.12.2021 20:30 Uhr Last Christmas  
13.12.2021 20:30 Uhr Die Feuerzangenbowle  

Current Topics

United Against Racism

On May 25, 2020, the Afroamerican George Floyd was murdered by a police officer. This led to international protests againgst the misuse of police power and racism.

We as the AStA stand for an open-minded and tolerant society, in which nobody is excluded or discriminated on the base on skin color, origin, gender, sexual orientation, religion or ideology.

We made a list with links to webpages giving further information to the definition and the handling with rasicm in our every day life, so you can inform yourself about it in detail. You will find it in our Ilias file. 

Ilias file



To keep you updated in times of the Corona Crisis, we produced a podcast. Our chairmen and some external guests will talk about all current progesses and will answer your questions. 

Podcast (german) 

Additionally, you will find all necessary documents at our Ilias file. 


Discord Server

For everybody who is feeling lonely and bored, there is a Discord-Server in which you can chat and talk to other students or play games. 

Discord Server


Meeting Dates

Due to the corona virus our meetings will take place at the online platform "Discord". 
However, every student of the University of Stralsund is welcome to join our meetings. 

The link below will guide you to the chatroom for our meeting:

The meetings take place every tuesday at 7:15 pm.



  • 31.03.2020


  • 14.04.2020
  • 21.04.2020


  • 05.05.2020
  • 19.05.2020
  • 26.05.2020


  • 02.06.2020
  • 09.06.2020
  • 16.06.2020
  • 23.06.2020

Cinema Program Winter Semester 2020/2021

Date Time Movie
19.10.2020 20:30 Little Women
26.10.2020 20:30 Systemsprenger
02.11.2020 20:30 Die Känguru-Chroniken
09.11.2020 20:30 Le Mans 66
16.11.2020 20:30 Parasite
23.11.2020 20:30 Just Mercy (OV)
30.11.2020 20:30 Drei Schritte zu dir
14.12.2020 20:30 Feuerzangenbowle
11.01.2021 20:30 1917 (OV)
18.01.2021 20:30 Jojo Rabbit