Application procedure

Did you receive your University entrance certification or your bachelor's degree in another country than Germany?
If yes, you need to apply via the online portal of uni assist. The nationality of the applicant is not important in this case. Uni Assist checks your documents and informs you as soon as possible if the formal admission requirements for the specific degree course are met. In this case the documents will be forwarded to us.

In order to ensure that your study application is processed quickly, please carefully observe the following points!

Application deadlines for all applicants with foreign certificates for the winter semester

30 June 2022 for nationals of non-EU countries for all courses of study

15 July 2022 for nationals of EU countries for courses of study with restricted admission (with NC)

31 August 2022 for nationals of EU countries for courses of study with free admission (no NC)


You can probably apply for the summer semester from the beginning of May.


The date of receipt of all documents as well as the processing fee for uni assist are of essential importance. The  Processing fee of uni assist accounts € 75 (or € 30 for every other university). Here, you find information on the payment methods.

To guarantee a rapid processing, the chance to answer open questions, request missing documents at due date, we suggest to apply as soon as possible. Please keep in mind that an incomplete application can not be processed by uni assist!

The processing through uni assist can take several weeks. In the meantime, please do not inquire about your application status. You will be informed as soon as a decision has been made.

Application Documents

For admission at the University of Applied Sciences Stralsund you have to submit the following documents:

  • completely filled in application form 
  • curriculum vitae
  • certified photocopy of the Secondary School Certificate with subjects and grades/marks
  • letter of motivation (for the master degree course Renewable Energy and E-Mobility with an average mark of the bachelor's degree of 2.1 to 2.3 )
  • if applicable, certified photocopy of the university entrance test in the home country (only for applicants from countries such as Iran, Turkey and Korea)
  • if applicable, certified photocopy of a university transcript of records or the degree with subjects and grades/marks (if the applicant has studied already at another institution - regardless the amount of semesters)
  • relevant module descriptions from the Bachelor's degree as proof of course-specific requirements (e.g. for International Innovation Management, Renewable Energy and E-Mobility and Simulation and System Design). Please do not submit the whole module catalogue!
  • certified photocopy of a certificate that proves German or English language skills
  • copy of the passport (only the page stating the name, date of birth and the picture)

Please do not send orginial certificates, only officially certified copies!

You only need to send your officially certified copies to uni-assist by post. A scan or upload of certified documents is not sufficient. A simple paper copy of an officially certified copy is also not accepted. Documents that do not have to be officially certified are sufficient as an upload.

Please send the officially certified copies to the following address:
uni-assist e.V.
11507 Berlin

All required certificates must be submitted in original language as well as in German or English (by a licensed translator). Furthermore, all certificates and their translations must be officially certified. The University of Stralsund recognizes official certifications from the following institutions:

  • German Embassy (all certificates)
  • German Consulate (all certificates)
  • Goethe Institute (all certificates)
  • Schools where the applicant completed high school education (for certificates issued at the school)
  • Universities where the candidate has studied (for certificates issued by the university)
  • Official certifications of authoriued authorities and notaries of the respective country

For more information about document certification, visit the uni assist website.

Further procedure after receipt of the application

After applying, you can check the current status of your applications in the uni-assist online portal and if necessary, contact uni assist. The result of the review will be sent to the applicants by e-mail.

There are two possible key results of the formal rewiew:

1. The applications are forwarded to the University of Stralsund
If the documents in principle meet our requirements, the application will be forwarded to us by uni-assist. We decide whether you are admitted to the degree course or not and inform you about our decision and all further steps.

In the meantime, please do not inquire about your application status. You will be informed as soon as a decision has been made.

2. The applications will not be forwarded to the University of Stralsund
If the documents are incomplete or do not meet our requirements, your application will not be forwarded to us. Within the application deadline you can submit the missing documents.

Please note that your application documents will only be kept for one year and uni assist will not return your documents to you. If you have any further questions regarding this procedure, you can consult uni assist for more information and sample sheets.

Thank you and good luck for your application!


Christina Wanke



+49 3831 45 6513


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