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International, strategic, individual: that’s the master’s program Tourism Development Strategies (TDS) at HOST. TDS is a master’s program in business studies with a specialisation in the field of tourism. The components strategy and development are combined in a unique manner. The structure of the program is also unique, because it can be tailor-made to fit by choosing from a list of modules. Find out more about the international tourism degree here.

Fact Sheet


Program Tourism Development Strategies (TDS)
School School of Business Studies
Starts in Winter semester
Admission free
Length of study 2, 3 or 4 semesters
Credit points 60-120 ECTS
Degree Master of Arts (M. A.)
Main language of instruction English


Even if you have not yet received your degree certificate before the close of the application deadline, you can still apply by providing an up-to-date transcript of records and proof of the ECTS points you have already gained, the preliminary final grade and the expected date of completion.

2-Semester Master TDS = applicants who have already obtained an undergraduate degree with 240 ECTS points

  • Completed undergraduate degree in the field of business studies (240 ECTS points)
  • Proof of professional experience (internship) of at least 12 weeks (internships as part of the undergraduate degree will be credited)
  • Proof of English language proficiency (level B2 of the European Framework of Reference for Languages)
  • Signed and submitted Verpflichtungserklärung (Declaration of Commitment) for the payment of € 1,850 program-related costs [Details] (e.g. for excursions abroad, visits to companies, no study fees)

3-Semester Master TDS = applicants who have already obtained an undergraduate degree with 210 ECTS points

  • Completed undergraduate degree in the field of business studies (210 ECTS points)
  • Proof of professional experience (internship) of at least 12 weeks (internships as part of the undergraduate degree will be credited)
  • Proof of English language proficiency (level B2 of the European Framework of Reference for Languages)
  • Signed and submitted Verpflichtungserklärung (Declaration of Commitment) for the payment of € 2,100 program-related costs [Details] (e.g. for excursions abroad, visits to companies, no study fees)
  • Foreign applicants: proof of German language proficiency (level B2 of the European Framework of Reference for Languages)

4-Semester Master TDS = applicants who have already obtained an undergraduate degree with 180 ECTS points

  • Completed undergraduate degree in the field of business studies (180 ECTS points)
  • Proof of English language proficiency (level B2 of the European Framework of Reference for Languages)
  • Signed and submitted Verpflichtungserklärung (Declaration of Commitment) for the payment of € 2,100 program-related costs [Details] (e.g. for excursions abroad, visits to companies, no study fees)
  • Foreign applicants: proof of German language proficiency (level B2 of the European Framework of Reference for Languages)

An Admissions Committee will decide whether the applicants meet the subject-specific requirements.

Information for Foreign Applicants: Incoming

Application Dates

The Enrolment Request for summer semester 2018 must have been received by post by the 28/02/2018.

Enrolments for the summer semester can only be made by students who have already gained achievements that can be credited and are wanting to change university or study program, by entering at a more advanced semester.

Program newcomers wishing to enrol for the first semester will not be able to do so until winter semester 2018/19.

Short Description

Apart from expert knowledge in tourism, in business administration and in general management, you will obtain skills and methods that will prepare you for the dynamic changes seen in politics, the tourism industry and society. Our goal is to provide you with the skills to act responsibly and independently. That’s why we will strengthen your social competence and, at the same time, develop your personality. Tourism and internationality go hand-in-hand and therefore our master’s program will also consolidate your multicultural competence.

Our teaching concept aims to cover a broad range of knowledge and will provide you with the following skills:

  • the ability to think and act strategically
  • business development, in particular with regard to sustainability aspects of the tourism industry
  • interpretation of markets and their contexts
  • product development in the tourism branch
  • dealing with change
  • destination development/destination management
  • use of creativity and innovations as competitive factors
  • communication skills
  • support for the development of an own value system

The program starts in the winter semester, irrespective of the desired variant. The program has been specifically oriented for the international market. In the 2-semester program, the courses are taught completely in English, the other programs are 85 % English and 15 % German. If you are on a 4-semester program, you have the opportunity of doing a prolonged internship (21 weeks). A semester abroad is also possible. In the last program semester of the respective variant, you will write a master's thesis to gain your master's degree, which then qualifies you to study for a doctorate at a university.

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Program Management

Steffi Wallenburger

Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin


+49 3831 45 7070


139, Haus 1

General Student Advice Office

Carola Woller



+49 3831 45 6532


118, Haus 1

Picture gallery

Live and experience cosmopolitanism: study together, share unique experiences and take part in organising your own excursions – take a look at the photos and be amazed by the variety of our master’s program, Tourism Development Strategies.



15.01.-02-02.2018, exam period

We wish all TDS students successful examinations! Stay motivated and hang on, your semester break - and your exiting excursion to Ecuador - is close!


Goals and Career Prospects

The tourism industry is a dynamic and complex branch of industry which poses several challenges. The national and international companies who are active in this market require competent and well-trained staff members, who are able to interpret chances, trends and developments and to develop operative and strategic solutions. The master's program Tourism Development Strategies at HOST provides you with a perfect foundation for a successful career in the tourism industry and combines the components strategy and development with the branch specialisation in a unique manner.

Practice-oriented and International

In the master's tourism program we support you by providing you with valuable professional contacts and job opportunities. Meetings with companies/institutions which operate internationally, academic conferences, seminars and workshops make it possible to join theory and practice.

Practice-oriented lectures and realistic projects with our practice partners lay the foundations for a successful professional career. International and professional lectures from the academic world and the industry ensure that you learn to think strategically and to handle the changing and increasing challenges of work. Interactive teaching methods (e.g. discussions, case study, simulations, role plays) and own projects are important tools for putting academic knowledge into practice. Our program's specific modules mirror the demands of the professional world.

International academic study trips to business and tourism destinations at home and abroad will open new doors for you. They are a compulsory component of our master's tourism program.

Occupational Profiles

The tourism branch is expecting a distinct increase in demand for highly-qualified graduates. Our master's program provides you with very positive career prospects and diverse possibilities for further development. By including international and intercultural aspects, academic study trips and meetings with companies and institutions, you obtain the groundwork for a managerial position on the international job market.

The positions that our graduates have now gained in the professional world reflect the wide range of career opportunities in tourism/management.
We have provided some examples of the names of the companies and institutions and the positions that are now held by graduates of our master's program: it's time to kick start your career in tourism!

Our alumni have found jobs here...
AIDA Cruises AG Yield Management
ATR GmbH Purchasing
BMW Group Project Manager eCRM
CLINTON GmbH International Marketing Assistant
DER Touristik Tour Guide Spain
educom GmbH Senior Manager Corporate Consulting
City-Marketing Villingen-Schwennigen
Hochschule Stralsund Project Staff Member
Hochschule Stralsund PA to the Equal Opportunities Officer
Dormero Hotel AG Regional Sales Manager
getonTV GmbH Account Manager TV
Groupe Henner Account Coordinator
DriveRight GmbH Product Manager
Urlaub & Natur Marketing Management
Invest in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern GmbH Consultant
Potsdam Marketing und Service GmbH Head of Marketing
Stadtmarketing Bamberg e.V. Marketing and Event Management
Hasbro Junior Trade Marketing Manager
Tourismusverband Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Area Manager und Network Consultant LandArt
Tourismusverband Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Network Consultant LandArt
PernixData Inside Sales Representative/Sales Development
Lidl GmbH Junior Consultant Logistics
DREAMLINES GmbH Product Manager
Unister GmbH Junior Project Manager Flights
Volkswagen AG Event Communication Product and Study Films Trade Fairs & Congresses

Get to Know our Alumni

What are our TDS graduates up to today? What made them decide to study Tourism Development Strategies at HOST and what did they enjoy the most? Former students from the master's program report:

Alumni-Stimme Absolventin Tourismus Master-Studium HOST
Claudia, Flight Manager
Sandra, Project & Network Manager
Program Structure


We offer you the Tourism Development Strategies program in three variants, differing in length. Depending on the scope of previous academic study, the accredited master's degree can be obtained in two, three or four semesters:

  • 2-semester master's program (undergraduate degree: 240 ECTS)
  • 3-semester master's program (undergraduate degree: 210 ECTS)
  • 4-semester master's program (undergraduate degree: 180 ECTS)

2-Semester Master's Program

3-Semester Master's Program

4-Semester Master's Program

Professional expertise in Business Studies & General Management
Methodological competence, social/multicultural skills & personality development
Professional expertise in Tourism
Interdisciplinary modules

ECTS & Teaching Hours per Week

The allocated ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) points mirror the workload for the respective module (1 ECTS point is equivalent to 30 hours of work). ECTS make it possible to compare and recognise study achievements, for example if you want to transfer to another university.

The teaching hours per week (SWS) represent the weekly teaching hours of one course.
1 unit = 2 SWS = 90 minutes.


Facts about Types of Study

2-Semester Master's Program

Download the latest curriculum for the 2-Semester Master's Program.

3-Semester Master's Program

Download the latest curriculum for the 3-Semester Master's Program.

4-Semester Master's Program

Download the latest curriculum for the 4-Semester Master's Program.

What Kind of Study Type Are You?

Apart from having the opportunity to study the master’s program Tourism Development Strategies as a full-time degree, the program can also be completed as part of a dual degree program with in-depth practice, or part-time. This way studying can be tailored flexibly to meet your personal demands for your family or job.

Theory and Practice

Academic and professional contacts of the master's program

A close connection to the academic and professional world is a decisive criterion for being able to achieve a successful career. Linking of theory and practical experiences is part of the master's program's philosophy.

Our practice partners include:

AIDA Cruises and HOST have been working together since 2006 based on a cooperation agreement.

This cooperation is shown e.g. in joint projects that are realised in the master's program Tourism Development Strategies (TDS). These guarantee the close linkage of theory and practice.

AIDA provides suitable perspectives for a promising future.

  • Awarded with "Fair Company"-seal of approval since 2010
  • Award "Best Employer in the Tourism Industry 2014"
  • Award "Top Employer Germany 2014 and 2016" 

We are very happy that graduates of the master's program Tourism Development Strategies have found jobs with AIDA Cruises.

A cooperation agreement between HOST, the master's program Tourism Development Strategies and the Berlin Tourismus & Kongress GmbH (visitBerlin) has been in place since July 2015.

Our cooperation is shown in joint projects that are realised in the master's program Tourism Development Strategies. These guarantee close linkage of theory and practice.

Fortunately, graduates from our master’s program have found their perspective at visitBerlin and can apply the skills and competencies that they have just gained.   

Program Organisation

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IT Services

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The Library supports you with the use, research and acquisition of media.

Program Management

Steffi Wallenburger

Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin


+49 3831 45 7070


139, Haus 1

Studienbüro 4

Karsten Mau

Sachbearbeiter Studienbüro


+49 3831 45 6637


123, Haus 1

Excursions & more


"Excursions are the laboratories of the international tourism programs"

The philosophy of our master's program aims to constantly and sustainably link theory and practice. But a study trip does not just aim to improve subject knowledge and provide the opportunity to improve our students' networks, but also to expand the students' horizons, because students often come into contact with completely different cultures.

Constant interaction with approximately 20 students for a period of 10 days improves the participants' abilities to work in a team. Furthermore, communication and social competencies and of course individual personalities are strengthened.

Sustainable learning through own experiences - find out about our students' experiences on our most recent excursions:

Internationality and Partner Universities

You will experience internationality during our master's program Tourism Development Strategies through various components that have been strategically included in the program's concept:

  • bi-national approach of the master's program
  • bilingual teaching
  • intercultural approach
  • integration of international teaching staff
  • international excursions with professional contacts
  • international content
  • thesis in English

In several modules of the master's program special international features are compared in detail. For example, students are taught about best practice concepts, international tourism markets or intercultural particularities when it comes to contract negotiations.

During the master's program you have the opportunity to study abroad for one semester. We currently have partnerships with the following universities:

GUtech University of Technology, Oman

Högskolan Dalarna, Sweden

Izmir Katip Celebi Universitesi, Turkey

Udayana University, Bali/Indonesia

University degli di Bergamo, Italy

University of Central Lanacashire, Cyprus

Final Event of the TDS Master’s Program – Your Graduation

We take particular pleasure in providing a suitable ceremony to see our graduates off after they have completed their degrees. That’s why our graduation takes place annually at the end of September in Stralsund’s town centre.

Accompanied by family and friends, the students of the master’s program Tourism Development Strategies are honoured for the work that they have achieved over the last years. Without a doubt, the highlight of this event is the awarding of the certificates and the bestowal of the traditional master’s caps, but the students also get their say on this evening occasion. With a fantastic view of the Strelasund, there is plenty of time for personal conversations with professors and staff members who have accompanied the students on their journey. The graduation is also often an opportunity for the graduates to meet up with old fellow students, who will have completed their dissertations in several different locations.

Final event 2017
We did it! The caps fly on completion of the master’s program in tourism

I am studying Tourism Development Strategies, because ...



"...the courses on offer and the international excursion were very appealing. This program gives me the chance to consolidate my bachelor’s degree in small groups that make learning very pleasant.

In my eyes, the University offers every opportunity for completing your degree successfully in a fun way and with nice people. Of course, the location right next to the Baltic Sea was a further bonus point. But also the buildings are modern and offer lots of opportunities for students to work together outside of the lectures to complete their assignments. The professors aren’t just from Germany, but also abroad, which helped my English-speaking degree program immensely."

Tamma's profile



"...I was looking for an internationally oriented program. The lectures are in English and some of the professors come from abroad. This can only be seen as an advantage if you want to pursue a career abroad.

Courses are held in small groups which make it possible to achieve individual goals. Of course the excursions are also a real highlight. Our semester went to Milan and then to the Sultanate of Oman. And here students visit lots of businesses, providing opportunities for interesting exchange."

Johannes' profile



“...the University is one of the very few universities in Germany to offer an English-speaking business and tourism-oriented degree course that builds on an undergraduate degree.

We look at and compare traditional tourism companies such as TUI and Thomas Cook with large internationally active corporations such as Nestlé or Coca Cola. These comparisons provide the chance to look beyond the boundaries of tourism and teaches you how other large corporations act."

Ela's profile



“...I was able to use the extra credit points that I gained during my double bachelor’s degree to shorten my length of study in the master’s program to three semesters. HOST’s course was the only course that actually caught my eye in this respect. Only Stralsund considers the various types of bachelor degrees (6/7/8 semesters) and provides master’s programs to match (2/3/4 semesters).

I was also particularly impressed with the program contents. The main reasons why I chose to study in Stralsund were the intensive and in-depth level of practice and the previous practice experience of the lecturers."

Maraike's profile



I studied Tourism Development Strategies and today ...

Alumni-Stimmen Tourismus Master-Studium HOST


“...I work in the flight operations department at AIDA Cruises in Rostock. I became familiar with the company mainly due to a joint practice project between the University and the HR Department of AIDA, which we realised in the third semester of our TDS master’s program. The close collaboration and the authentic insight that we gained convinced me to apply for a job in Rostock after finishing my degree.

I am now very happy that I have remained in the region."

Claudia's profile



"...I work for the state tourism board of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern (Tourismusverband Mecklenburg-Vorpommern) as Area Manager and Network Consultant for LandArt.

The master's program helped me set sail for my professional career. The aimed contents helped me to develop both professionally and personally and to further my communication and organisation skills. I am now delighted that I play a role in shaping the tourism landscape in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and have managed to achieve my dream of living and working beside the coast."

Sandra's profile



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