The AStA

AStA stands for "Allgemeiner Studierendenausschuss", which means General Students' Committee. Made by students – for students. We speak out for all students and their requests! Basically every student is able to become a member. Our tasks as a student council include the improvement of learning and interacting of students at our university in all possible areas.


In case of having any requests, feel free to contact us. No matter if you have an idea for a special project for which you need our help regarding to advices, the execution or money, or if you have a problem with the university itself or its members. 

To fulfil all our tasks, we use the following resources: 

Rights & Contacts

We are allowed to speak up to the Senate as well as the extended Senate and propose ideas. Which is why we can put our plans into effect even at the non-student committees. 
Moreover, we work together with the university administration, thus, we are able to bring up long-term concerns as well as urgent problems exactly there, where they can be tackled. 

Knowledge & Experiences

Which funds provide money? Who is the right person to talk to in different situations? Did anybody mention a similar problem like yours before? How did they handle it? Answers to questions like this are part of our wealth of experience. 


Every semester fee contains an amount that can be used by us. Currently this amount values 10€, which sums up to a budget of approximately 20.000€ per semester. 

Behind the scenes

We organize and plan different events for everybody. This includes official announced parties like the Prom Night, interesting information events like the annual event for scholarships or something that every student needs when they start to study at our university – the guide for freshmen. 

Prom Night

Prom Night

Prom Night

Hawaiianischer Abend 2017

Hawaiianischer Abend 2017


Stipendiaten Event 2016