Here you can find the most important committees of the University of Applied Sciences in Stralsund.

Self-administration of the University

Self-administration of the University

Faculty Council

The faculty council discusses issues mentioned in the senate meetings, elects the dean and takes care of all interests of the different faculties. It consists out of professors, staff members, and two students. However, the students do not necessary have to be members of the student representatives, thus all issues referring to your studies, no matter what you study, can be dealt with. 


The dean is able to exercise the property rights. So in case of you organizing the next Christmas party at our university, you might ask him or her for permission first. 


The senate holds meetings once a month to debate about examination regulations, the strategic orientation and other issues regarding our university. The senate as well as the extended senate include representatives of professors, staff members and students. At both committees have the chancellor, the rector as well as the vice-rectors, the three deans, the equal opportunities officer and the representatives of AStA and StuPa the possibility of interacting and proposing ideas. 

Extended Senate

The Extended Senate appoints the new rector and is responsible for the most important decisions of the university. 


The rector, the chancellor, and the vice-rectors form the rectorate. Loosely speaking, the rector is responsible for managing and leading the university and the chancellor for the executive board. The vice-rectors support and represent the rector according to their areas of responsibility, which includes studies, teaching, research and development. 

Self-administration of the Students

Self-administration of the Students

Student Representatives

The student representatives will be elected by students of the respective faculties. There are three student representatives, one for each faculty (economy, electrical engineering/computer science and mechanical engineering). They regulate general issues, elect the dean and deal with topics mentioned in the senate. 

Student Parliament

The student parliament takes care of difficult decisions, long-term issues and big investments. The president of the StuPa as well as the chairperson of the AStA are allowed to speak at the meetings of the senate and extended senate. 

General Students' Committee

The General Student Committee is responsible for administrative activities related to diverse student issues and the representation of interests amongst the students. Moreover they monitor the faculties and manage the student funds