Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to wear a face mask?

The wearing of own masks on campus outside the respective offices is welcomed.

I really need to get on campus. What can I do now?

Faculty heads, heads of departments, staff units and the heads of the central units can apply for a pass for their stay on campus. However, this is only valid for urgently needed presence. The rooms on campus must be occupied without overlapping and a maximum of half the number of rooms must be used.

How is the contact restriction on campus realized?

The top priority for all persons at the university should be the interruption of the infection chains. In doing so, it is important to follow the maxim of the lowest possible presence on campus. This should continue to be done primarily by using the home office facility. The crisis management team of the university strongly recommends the home office especially to commuters (people with their main residence outside of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern).

Are examinations allowed until 19.4.?

During the suspension of teaching operations (up to and including 19 April 2020), the acceptance or holding of (partial) examinations - with the exception of colloquia - or the fulfilment of examination requirements (e.g. submission of weekly exercises) is not possible, but must be postponed. This also applies to experiments. Attention must be paid to an appropriate processing time.

Can a digital course already be offered until 19.4.?

The design of the teaching is the sole responsibility of the teaching staff, in compliance with the set framework of the module description anchored in the respective study regulations as well as current restrictions imposed by the decree of the Ministry and, in addition, the crisis management team.

Until 19.4. the suspension of teaching is valid with the proviso to develop and offer distance learning offers. The offers made up to 19.4. thus follow a "Many things can but nothing must" approach. Thus, if a teacher already offers distance learning, this falls under the formulation chosen by the crisis management team of the University of Applied Sciences Stralsund and is therefore part of the teaching offer.


How will teaching take place from 20.4.?

Teaching will be resumed on 20.4.2020 or will be continued by those who have already used digital forms by 19.4. This does not (initially) take place in the form of attendance, but rather, for example, in digitally supported formats ("distance learning"). The form of distance learning can vary from subject to subject. However, electronic communication via ILIAS is obligatory in order to inform about the structure of teaching in the respective subject. There should also be a minimum of guided self-study with the help of electronically provided materials. This is not least against the background that it is likely that it will only be possible to offer compressed classroom teaching of up to eight weeks in the summer semester 2020. The minimum variant therefore includes the fact that a teacher can only compensate for face-to-face teaching with digital offerings to a very limited extent. Additional digital offers are at the teacher's discretion and he or she is also responsible for the content. Nevertheless, purely digital offerings should offer sufficient opportunities for interaction comparable to classroom teaching in this subject. The result will be a mixture of courses with a minimum digital offer and an absolute requirement of classroom teaching up to exclusively digital courses with a high degree of interaction between teachers and students.

With the resumption of teaching on 20.4., the binding (new) definition of the form of examination is necessary, which will (probably) be published on 8 May 2020 in accordance with the semester plan, which is still to be amended. The faculty management will inform the lecturers separately about this and point out the possibilities of alternative examination forms. The schedule for the summer semester 2020 will be adjusted accordingly with the remark that future changes to the schedule are not excluded but rather likely. This will also be communicated separately.

Can I work in the home office now?

In order to ensure the interruption of the chains of infection, it is important to ensure the lowest possible presence on campus. This should continue to be achieved primarily by using the home office facility. The crisis management team of the university strongly recommends the home office especially to commuters (people with their main residence outside of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern).
If you already have a tele-working place set up, it is welcomed if you continue your work from home. If you do not yet have a teleworking place, your supervisor is required to find a joint solution with you. If you have any questions about home office and time recording, please contact Department III (Personnel and Budget). You can find the contact here on this website.

Can I take advantage of emergency care for my child?

The state government has decreed that employees at universities and colleges in the state M-V are entitled to use the emergency care for employees in critical infrastructures from 27 April 2020. The prerequisite is that your work performance in the restricted operation of the University of Applied Sciences Stralsund is mandatory. A corresponding certificate will be issued by the Department III, Personnel Division.

Opening hours post office House 1

The post office is open every Tuesday and Thursday from 11:00am - 02:00pm.
During this time the entrance house 1 / North (coming from the library) is also open, so that the post boxes are accessible for all members of the University of Applied Sciences Stralsund.

When will the sports facilities on campus open again?

From Monday, 27 April, the sports field on the campus may be used again for individual sports and sports for two, in strict compliance with the standards set by medical and hygiene regulations and the applicable distance regulations. The gym including the changing rooms must unfortunately remain closed until further notice. In principle, the current regulations apply to all individual sports in outdoor facilities (water sports, athletics, motor sports, beach volleyball, table tennis, etc.) and in public areas.

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