Measures of the permanent crisis team

The university crisis management team

The university's crisis team monitors the current situation regarding the spread of the virus and decides on measures in coordination with each other and with the recommendations of the Robert Koch Institute as well as the official orders at federal and state level.

The crisis team consists of

  • the university management (Chancellor and Rector),
  • the Head of Occupational Safety, Health and Environmental Protection,
  • the Head of Central Services and Properties and
  • the Head of University Communication.

Depending on the situation, the crisis team is expanded to include experts and responsible persons. The extended crisis team also includes

  • the Head of the International Office,
  • the Vice Rector for Studies and Teaching,
  • the Vice Rector for Research and Development,
  • the Head of the Department for Studies and Examination Matters, the Deans of the Faculties as well as
  • the General Students' Committee

as of: 25.03.2020, 02:55pm

The crisis team has decided on the following preventive measures in coordination with the rectorate:

Extended emergency operation: The university will be in extended emergency operation from 25 March 2020 until 20 April 2020. The extended emergency operation further restricts the presence operation. This means that the suspension of presence in the area of research and administration is analogous to the already completed suspension of presence teaching. In principle, all contact persons can still be reached in order to ensure that the university can continue to operate digitally or by telephone. The continuation of necessary work on campus is only possible for emergency personnel with a pass.

Suspension of teaching: By decree of the Ministry of Education, Science and Culture M-V of 14 March 2020, teaching is temporarily suspended until 19 April 2020 inclusive. Colloquia for the defence of bachelor and master theses can only be held in digital form. Research and administrative operations shall be maintained. Public access will be suspended. The faculties are required to conduct or develop alternative teaching. Students are not allowed to stay in the buildings on campus, with the exception of the Holzhausen student residences, the canteen lobby and the guest houses on campus. Exceptions (such as laboratory access for the processing of final theses) require individual case decisions of the permanent crisis management team or the persons authorized by the crisis management team (see contact persons).

Events: All events of the Hochschule Stralsund up to and including 31 May 2020 will not take place. The respective responsible persons will check whether events can be postponed or have to be cancelled.

Business Trips: The travel activities of employees must be suspended until further notice. Travel approvals already issued are revoked by this decision. New business trip requests will only be approved after separate examination of the submitted informal reasons.

instructions for action: In case of symptoms such as fever, cough, sore throat, colds, diarrhoea, respiratory problems, etc., or in case of contact with a confirmed infected person, or if you return from a risk area (international) or particularly affected areas (national) according to the Robert Koch Institute, you are obliged to contact your doctor by telephone and inform the university of your case via You are required to avoid the campus until symptom-free or a negative test for COVID-19.

Overview on criteria and actions

contact persons at the University of Stralsund


department / contact person

Studies and teaching / Department II

Research Affairs / Vice Rector II

HR & Business Trips / Department III

Press & Events / University Communication

Library / University Library

Property & Buildings / Department I

Procurements / Department III

Current information

as of 31.03.2020, 3:50pm

On 31 March 2020, the Ministry of Education, Science and Culture announces the continuation of teaching operations from 20 April 2020 and presents the main framework conditions for this:

  • Due to the epidemiological situation, teaching and studies do not take place in classroom form, but, for example, in digitally supported formats ("distance learning").
  • Examinations that are possible without direct contact and are organised independently by the universities can already be carried out digitally and quality-assured without physical contact.
  • Classroom teaching and examinations as well as practical training will gradually take place again as soon as health protection reasons no longer prevent this. This will be coordinated in advance with the authorities responsible for health protection.
  • All credits earned in the summer semester 2020 will be recognized.

The Chancellor and the 16 heads of government of the federal states agreed on 22nd March 2020 on a ban on contact in Germany. This means that it is now only permitted to stay in public places alone, with another person not living in the household or with members of one's own household.

The start of teaching and event operations will be suspended at all universities in the state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern until 20.04.2020 or the already started lecture operations will be suspended.The operation of the canteen and cafeterias of the Studentenwerke will also be suspended during the same period.The functionality of the universities remains guaranteed by the operation of central facilities, such as a computer centre and laboratories.

Due to the further spread of the coronavirus, all state and independent general and vocational schools in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern will close from Monday, 16 March 2020 until Sunday, 19 April 2020.

Further information:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

for employees
Can I work from home?

If you already have a telecommuting workstation set up, it is welcomed if you continue your work from home. If you do not yet have a teleworking job, your supervisor is required to find a solution together with you. If you have any questions about home office and time recording, please contact Department III (HR and Business Trips). You can find the contact here on this website.

Can I bring my children to the HOST for care?

The HOST would like to find a satisfactory solution for all employees. Please contact Ms Felgenhauer from the Human Resources Department by telephone or email with any questions you may have about emergency childcare during the Corona crisis.


Who will answer my further questions?

You will find your contact persons on this page. All contact persons are up to date and able to provide information. We all strive to find answers and solutions to your questions.


How will my studies continue now?

Due to the epidemiological situation, teaching and studies do not take place in classroom form, but, for example, in digitally supported formats (distance learning). This form of teaching and learning enables the students to study independently of location. Teachers are responsible for developing appropriate formats. Thus, if a teacher or lecturer offers distance learning (e.g. with digital courses), this content is thus part of his or her course offering and is continued without interruption. Register at short notice in our learning platform ILIAS. For access to the courses, please contact the teachers.

Are there alternative examinations?

During the suspension of teaching operations (up to and including 19 April 2020), the acceptance or holding of (partial) examinations with the exception of colloquia or the provision of examination requirements (e.g. submission of weekly exercises) is not possible, but must be postponed. This also applies to experiments or weekly exercises.

Can content made available online be subject to review?

The content of the courses offered online can be selected as examination material within the framework of the thematic specifications of the study and examination regulations if the online material is accessible to students in a reasonable manner. The central provision on ILIAS meets this requirement.

Do I also receive my BAföG when my teaching activities are suspended?

BAföG will continue to be paid even in the event of the discontinuation of teaching activities, closures or entry bans due to the COVID 19 pandemic. This was regulated by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) on Friday, 13.03.2020, in a decree issued to the federal states that are implementing the law. Federal Education Minister Anja Karliczek explained:

"Even if schools and universities are closed down due to the COVID 19 pandemic, BAföG-supported students will continue to receive their training grants. I want BAföG recipients to have clarity and planning security in the current exceptional situation. Nobody should have to worry about their BAföG funding because of the corona pandemic. That is why I have had my ministry issue a decree clarifying that BAföG funding is to continue to be granted to the same extent as before. If schools or universities are closed due to the pandemic and therefore lessons or lectures have to be cancelled, BAföG will continue to be paid. BAföG-supported students should not suffer any disadvantages due to the corona pandemic".

Will my exams be moved to the back?

The examination dates of Stralsund University of Applied Sciences from 29.06.2020 to 24.07.2020 are outside the current times for suspension of teaching. Therefore, they are currently not affected by the prevention measures. Therefore, the examination dates have to take place at the present time. However, an official declaration at state level is still pending.


What opportunities do committees have on campus?

An informal application can be submitted to Department I for the use of space. There it is examined and decided. The Senate Hall above the Mensa or the Mensa itself should be made available as a committee room. For this purpose the room must be reserved by telephone and the Rectorate must be informed.

Can I still print out scripts in the university buildings?

Can I still print out scripts in the university buildings?

Staying in the buildings is prohibited. A printout in the library is still under examination.

When can online lessons be expected to start?

It can be assumed that the week of 16.03.2020 will be used for preparations. The faculties are currently developing alternative learning and teaching formats.
Please register at short notice in our learning platform ILIAS. For access to the courses, please contact the teachers.

Why are not all modules available online?

The teachers are responsible for providing learning materials and course overviews. Teachers are required to take measures in this respect.
It is the responsibility of the teachers to decide on the appropriate form of competence transfer in the module for which they are responsible.

Are the exams adapted to the suspended teaching activities?

It is the teacher's responsibility to check the knowledge imparted in an appropriate form. Students can assume that examiners will conduct examinations that are appropriate to the form and scope of the knowledge conveyed.


Could there be problems with enrolment at HOST?

Could there be problems with enrolment at HOST?

The administration continues to work, but personal contact is dispensed with. This means that you are welcome to contact your contact persons by mail, e-mail and telephone.

When is it possible for teachers to take exams?

The semester schedule will be adjusted.

What happens when you work as a student at the university?

Research and administration will not be discontinued. Nevertheless, this should be discussed individually with the supervisors/coaches.

What about my thesis while libraries are closed?

Our library is open in so-called emergency operation in order not to endanger the lending operations for the preparation or completion of final papers.
Students who are working on a registered thesis can apply in detail for the loan of their thesis by e-mail with proof of registration. Books etc. can be collected in person by appointment.
The above regulations also apply to students with fixed topics and deadlines for seminar papers, term papers or project work by the examiners.

What happens in case of quarantine during the practical semester/internship?

If quarantine is ordered by the employer and doctors during the internship, up to 14 days will not count towards the duration of the internship.

Are language courses also held online?

Are language courses also held online?

The lecturers are responsible for any provision of materials. Further information can be obtained from the responsible lecturer.

Are colloquia currently being held?

Are colloquia currently being held?

At Stralsund University of Applied Sciences, by decision of the ministry of education (as of 17.03.), no examinations, including colloquia, may be taken during the suspension of teaching due to the Corona crisis. The presence of students, external second examiners and guests on the university premises is not permitted. Online colloquia are possible.

submission of theses

You can send in theses by mail. Alternatively, according to the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, theses can also be submitted in digital form. The deadline regulations remain unaffected. In all cases, the deadline is met by the responsible study office.

Who will answer my further questions?

You will find your contact persons on this page. All contact persons are up to date and able to provide information. We all strive to find answers and solutions to your questions.


Who will answer my questions about financing my studies?

Many students have approached the Studentenwerk with various questions about financing their studies. The Studentenwerk Greifswald provides information by telephone.
The most frequently asked questions have been collected and answered on this page.

all universiy members
Will the committee elections take place on 13.05.2020?

No, the committee elections will be postponed due to the current crisis. A new date is still to be set.

Communication in times of pandemic

The crisis team provides information on all measures taken by the university and on current developments on campus in a bundled form here on the website. It is also in direct contact with the above-mentioned contact persons and advises on current developments of the pandemic and on details regarding the implementation of measures at the university.

Transfer of domiciliary rights in case of suspicion

Lecturers and subject supervisors can make use of the householder's right if they notice the symptoms of the virus (according to the WHO: fever, dry cough and fatigue) in students or staff.

Where can I get further information?

For further information in connection with the virus and its spread we refer to the extensive material from the Robert Koch Institute.

Also recommended is the daily updated NDR podcast on the corona virus with the director of the Institute of Virology at the Berlin Charité.

The explanatory films of the Federal Centre for Health Education (BzgA) provide answers to frequently asked questions on coronavirus regarding infection, spread and assessments.

We also refer to the free App NINA. This is a free app for smartphones provided by the Federal Office for Civil Protection and Disaster Assistance (BBK). It is available in the App Store or Google Play Store.

The Kassenärztliche Vereinigung (KBV) (Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians) enables sick leave to be taken by telephone. Patients receive a telephone anamnesis and, if necessary, a certificate of incapacity to work for up to seven days by post.

Sensitization for increased hygiene on campus

Sensitization for increased hygiene on campus

The university management asks all persons on campus to follow the hygiene recommendations of the Robert Koch Institute. Posters in all buildings will give you instructions for appropriate hygiene measures.

What are the official contacts?

What are the official contacts?

County Vorpommern Rügen, Health Service

Phone: 03831 357-2303


Ministry of Health Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

Phone hotline: 0385 588-5888



Federal Ministry of Health

Civic phone: 030 346-465-100